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Recently Published - 100 Ideas for Primary Teachers: Thinking Skills

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Published by Bloomsbury


Also out now - A Creative Approach to Teaching Writing and Jumpstart Thinking Skills and Problem Solving

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New INSET package - Boosting Self-Confidence in Young Writers - green button.gif (1817 bytes)


Out Now - Double Darers. This is a privately published book that gathers together stories from my previously published Double Dare Gang titles. Email for details.

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E-books on Amazon

The following books of mine are now available as Kindle editions and as iBooks.


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Click to visit Kindle store

Some of my educational books also available in Kindle format

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'Kapow' uses the structure of comic book panels and pages as a visual analogue to help children organise their thoughts as a precursor to writing. Published by David Fulton Books.

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Coming out in 2018 -

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Now published - Jumpstart Wellbeing.


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Coming out in autumn 2017 -

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Out Now - Minitales
a set of guided reading 
resources from
Thinking Child.

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Out Now - Thief by Night


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published by Thinking Child as part of an educationl resource called the 'Happiness Pack'.

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The Outdoor Literacy Pack written by myself, Sue Dixon of Thinking Child and Mary Hopper of Three Bears Literacy. Available through www.thinkingchild.org or Amazon

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Boosting Your Self Confidence as a Writer Email for details.

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Let's Think Homework - another co-authored project with Sue Dixon of Thinking Child. For more information click the button - green button.gif (1817 bytes)

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Love at the Fairground

My 2012 novel, a romance for 11-14 year-olds published by Urbantopia Books.

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Teach Primary Articles

I have been contributing regularly to this excellent magazine. My articles are based on the books mentioned above plus other published material. My colleague Simon Percival and I have also written a sequence of PeopleWyse creative coaching articles.

If you have missed any of these I'll be pleased to email you copies - my email address is on the Home page.

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