Author Visits

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I have visited hundreds of schools over the years, working with children / students from KS2 upwards. I offer storytelling sessions, workshops on creative writing, thinking skills (and creativity generally) and talks on writing and being a published author.


I am happy to do storytelling / talks with any audience size. Workshops are more effective with class-sized groups or smaller. I will run workshops with larger groups, although these sessions tend to be more of a demonstration of techniques, with pupils subsequently breaking down into smaller groups to try out the activities for themselves. I am happy to do half-day or whole-day visits, or longer residencies to suit your requirements.


My workshops can be geared towards creative writing (prose fiction and poetry), or non-fictional forms of writing and are applicable across a wide age and ability range. The techniques are highly practical and immediately usable - children will find they can apply them straight away to their written work. There is also a 'thinking skills underpinning' to the sessions. In learning how to generate, organise and refine their ideas children will become more familiar with and effective users of a range of thinking 'tools', which they can then apply throughout the curriculum. By becoming more effective and independent creative thinkers, children also find their confidence increasing.

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To discuss or book an author visit please email or phone - / 0116 367 7084.


Once a date has been fixed I will send a pack of display materials. After my visit I will leave a resource CD containing workshop materials, audio stories, further display etc. I can also bring books to sell on the day (four different titles). Details on request.